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Upholstery Cleaning at It’s Best!

Fresh Start Upholstery Cleaning has been in the business of professional upholstery cleaning for over 20 years! We’re a family owned award winning company. We use state of the art truck-mounted carpet & upholstery cleaning equipment.

We specialize in pet stain removal, pet odor removal, pet hair removal, human odor removal and Scotch Guard applications. Fresh Start’s cleaning process removes: bacteria, germs, airborne allergens and cat urine. After our cleaning process is completed on your furniture it’ll smell and feel fresh, the way it was when you purchased it.

To give your upholstery the fresh start that it deserves call:

(609) 479-4622

Upholstery Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Fresh Start Upholstery Cleaning cleans your upholstery using steam plus pet and child safe detergents that emulsify dirt, germs and bacteria! Our deep cleaning process removes pet odor, pet stains and pet dander leaving your upholstery clean and fresh to the touch. Our cleaning process is fast drying usually between 3-5 hours.

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