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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning should be performed in a home at least every 6 months. Daily vacuuming and spot cleaning helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your home but it just isn’t enough. A professional deep cleaning utilizing a truck-mounted cleaning unit is the way to go. Our truck mounted unit mixes water with detergent and 190 degrees of steam to deep clean your carpet. Our powerful vacuum will help dry your carpet quickly. Our drying time is usually 3-5 hours on most carpets. We specialize in pet odor removal, pet stain removal and carpet protection.

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. Our technicians take pride in their work and we take pride in our stellar reputation as a leader in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for over 23 years!

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(609) 479-4622

Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet (609) 479-4622

Professional truck mounted carpet cleaning

Fresh Start Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has been South Jersey’s 5 star professional carpet & upholstery cleaning business for over 22 years! Our professional cleaning techniques and customer service has earned the respect of thousands of homeowners throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County PA. We clean utilizing truck mounted steam cleaning equipment along with the industry standard detergents and methods. Our truck mounted steam cleaning method combined with our pretreatment removes most stains. We specialize in pet odor removal, pet stains, body oils and the removal of other bodily fluids. Our deep cleaning method sanitizes and restores the color to your carpet. When the cleaning is complete you’ll notice the fresh scent which is a trademark of our company. Our deep cleaning process is also, fast drying, usually 3-5 hours.

We also specialize in carpet & upholstery protection. We highly recommend protecting your valuable investment by having us treat your furniture and or carpet with our Scotch Guard protection. This protection when applied correctly will help repel spills that lead to permanent staining.

Carpet protected with Scotch Guard.

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. We were established in 1999. We pride ourselves on customer service, reasonable pricing, a knowledgeable staff and integrity. These qualities are hard to find these days with the rise of so many franchises and corporate home cleaning services.

If you would like to give your carpet and upholstery the Fresh Start that it deserves please call or click.

(609) 479-4622

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tan_scaledFresh Start Carpet Cleaning specializes in pet odor and pet stain removal. We use special enzyme anti bacterial treatments to neutralize pet odors in your carpet, concrete and wood floors.Moorestown-20110822-00117

Fresh Start cleans with truck mounted carpet cleaning machines that produce steam that kills bacteria and germs. All of our detergents are GREEN bio degradable, pet and child safe.

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Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning

Fresh Start Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses truck-mounted equipment that ensures that drying times are 30% faster than most other systems. Our high heat cleaning process removes all dirt and most pet stains and pet odors from your carpet & upholstery leaving it just damp to the touch when the carpet cleaning is finished.Moorestown-20110822-00117

We are one of the best rated companies in the NJ and PA area please check our testimonials and reviews.

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Carpet Cleaning-

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaners uses state of the art truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment to steam clean the dirtiest carpet and upholstery. Our deep cleaning process removes pet odor, pet stains, embedded soil and most stains caused by high traffic.Moorestown-20110822-00117

We have the most competitive prices in the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area and we also have multi room packages to suit all budgets. Our company is family owned and we take pride in our work as reflected by our numerous company reviews and testimonials.

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