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Ram+Service+TruckTile & Grout Cleaning is made easy when you use Fresh Start. Fresh Start’s tile & grout cleaning service utilizes extreme heat and water pressure to remove dirt, scum, bacteria and sludge from your tile and grout.  Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning has been serving the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas for over 16 years.

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Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tan_scaledHave you ever tried to clean your tile and grout? It’s back breaking work that should be left to the professionals…right? Well Fresh Start’s professional tile & Grout Cleaning service will save your knees and back so you can do other things! We clean your tile and grout floors, walls, counters and even garage floors with 150 degrees of steam that emulsifies the dirt and germs that have collected over the years in your tile. We also providing grout sealing to protect your grout lines when the job is completed.Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning

Fresh Start is a veteran owned professional tile & grout cleaning company that has been servicing the South Jersey area for over 16 years.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning -Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 505-1624

Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tan_scaledTile and Grout cleaning can be back breaking work. The do it yourself tile & grout cleaning job normally doesn’t get the result that you were looking for. You were on your hands and knees for hours using a wire tooth brush and still couldn’t remove the embedded dirt and scum from your tile floor or bathroom shower. slide3

Let Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning save you time, sweat and a backache. We can clean your tile floors, walls, counters and concrete with steam and Green detergents. These detergents combined with high water pressure and steam emulsify dirt, germs and bacteria leaving your tile clean while bringing back the vibrant color of your tile.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet (609) 505-1624

Ram+Service+TruckTile & Grout Cleaning by Fresh Start is the most effective way to clean your kitchen, bathroom, garage concrete, and tile walls and floors. Fresh Start’s Tile & Grout Cleaning service cleans using very hot steam up to 150 degrees combined with high water pressure.

Our process cleans within minutes, steam cleaning tile not only removes pet odor, body oils, scum, germs and mildew it also brings back the color to your tile floors and walls and is a healthy solution to maintaining your home. If you’ve tried to clean your own tile you know what a back breaking process it can be and sometimes the expected result doesn’t happen.

Our process will save you time and hours of back breaking work with eye opening results!

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Tile & Grout Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609)-505-1624

Tile & Grout Cleaning is made easy by Fresh Start Carpet. We clean your tile using extreme heat and water pressure. The combination of the heat and water pressure emulsifies the dirt and cleans the tile. After the process is completed your tile will look like new. Our tile &Tile grout Grout cleaning will remove: soap scum, germs, dirt, stains, mildew, body oils, odor and discoloration from your tile & grout. We clean all types of tile with out truck -mounted steam cleaning process. To get your FREE estimate call or click:


Tile & Grout Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet -(609)-505-1624

Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning cleans tile and grout using natural steam and water pressure. Our process removes years of built up dirt and bacteria residue from your tile & grout. After your tile has been cleaned it’ll smell fresh and feel squeaky clean to the touch.


Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tanHave us professionally clean your tile & grout with our El Diablo tile cleaning system. Our system uses high heat and water pressure to remove embedded dirt and bacteria from your tile floors and bathroom walls. We’ll save you money  and also the intense time & labor tile cleaning requires when you do it yourself. We also seal your tile & grout lines to protect them from dirt after we clean them.

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