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Truck-Mounted Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning removes years of built up dirt, bacteria, grime and germs from bathroom tile walls, kitchen floor and bathroom floors grout.

Our deep cleaning steam cleaning process sanitizes and deodorizes your tile. The truck-mounted steam penetrates your tile’s pores and dissolves deeply embedded dirt and restores the color to the tile and grout.

We specialize in grout protection applications which will preserve the natural color of your grout, keeping high traffic grout lines clean.

To give your tile and grout the fresh start that it deserves, click or call:

(609) 479-4622

Tile & Grout Cleaning in South Jersey

Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tanFresh Start’s Tile & Grout Cleaning service saves you the time and aggravation of the laborious task of cleaning your kitchen, bathroom and wall tile yourself. We utilize extreme heat and water pressure to clean the toughest stains, bacteria and mildew from your tile. Call us to schedule your appointment today!


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