Tile & Grout Cleaning in Cherry Hill

Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tanOur professional Tile & Grout Cleaning service utilizes high heat and steam to clean the dirtiest tile in bathrooms, kitchens and walls. Fresh Start’s Tile & Grout Cleaning method kills bacteria and leaves your tile clean and fresh smelling.

Fresh Start is your best source for professional tile and grout cleaning in Cherry Hill, NJ. To schedule an appointment or to get a free estimate click or call:



Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Moorestown




Hardwood floors give your home an elegant look, but they need to be maintained to keep their luster. Waxes, floor cleaners and foot traffic take their toll on your floors finish. If your wood isn’t properly maintained the finish will fade over time costing you a fortune in hardwood floor restoration not to mention the inconvenience of being without the use of areas of your home for weeks.

Fresh Start will clean your wood floors and remove the dirt and contaminants that can dull your floors finish with our wood floor cleaning machine The Dirt Demon. After we complete the 2 step cleaning process we offer a protective coating that we can apply to your floors that add additional sheen and protection to your investment.

Fresh Start is your best source for hardwood floor cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing in Moorestown, NJ.

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