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Steam Cleaning at High Temperatures Kills Germs and Bacteria

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to Prevent the Corona Virus

Most people know by now that corona-virus and similar viruses are distributed through coughing, sneezing, talking, and physical contact. Our clients want to know whether they should be concerned about corona-virus on carpets and upholstery. It’s not as if you can immerse your furniture and carpets with hand sanitizer or disinfectant like counter tops, doorknobs, and other hard surfaces. This article offers some answers, as well as some valuable information on how to sanitize your home against corona-virus.

Virus survival times in homes

Steam cleaning to kill Coronavirus COVID-19

Steam Cleaning for Health

As you step up your normal cleaning routine and sanitize your home, don’t forget about your fine surfaces, such as upholstery, carpet, and rugs. These surfaces are often overlooked. The couch is a logical place to rest when one has a virus. Proper professional carpet and upholstery steam cleaning involves extreme heat and detergents, so having your carpets and upholstery cleaned can help prevent the spread of the virus in your home.

Professional steam cleaning will decrease the chances of corona-virus surviving on your interior textiles.
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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Professional carpet cleaning using steam is the best way to remove bacteria, germs, pet dander, pet odor, pet stains, body oils and dirt from your carpet. We utilize truck mounted steam cleaning units that clean with powerful steam and vacuum systems that remove deeply embedded dirt. Our deep cleaning process is fast drying usually within 3-5 hours.

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning has been serving the South Jersey and the Philadelphia areas for over 20 years, we are a veteran led, family owned and operated establishment. Our cleaning specialties include: Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, tile & grout and hardwood floor cleaning and waxing.

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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet(609)-479-4622

Professional carpet cleaning by Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning will keep your carpets clean longer! Our proven method of professional truck-mounted hot water steam extraction carpet cleaning leaves no residue. Excess cleaning detergents leave residue that can attract dirt. Fresh star’s fast drying deep cleaning steam cleaning method removes bacteria, pet odor, pet stains, body oils, urine and built up detergent residue and germs from your carpet. After your cleaning is completed your carpet will smell fresh and feel clean.

We specialize in carpet protector treatments. Our brand of choice for protectors is Scotch Guard. Scotch Guard is highly recommended to be applied to furniture and carpet after your professional cleaning. Scotch Guard places a protective barrier between your carpet or furniture’s fabric and what may be spilled on it. When applied properly it will repel liquids from penetrating carpet fibers and furniture fabric. This product prolongs the life of your carpet and upholstery.

Fresh Start Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning serves all of Burlington County NJ, Camden County NJ, Philadelphia PA, Lower Bucks County PA, Gloucester County NJ and parts of Mercer County NJ.

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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Professional truck-mounted steam cleaning

Fresh Start Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a family owned and operated professional truck mounted carpet & upholstery cleaning company. Fresh Start has been serving the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas for over 20 years. We specialize in pet stain removal, pet odor removal, expert stain removal, deodorizing and Scotch Guard treatments.

Our process is fast drying usually within 3-5 hours Our cleaning detergents are pet and child safe and Eco friendly. Our technicians are highly trained and friendly they have numerous reviews and awards attesting to their professionalism.

If you’re planning on hiring the most professional carpet cleaning company in South Jersey look no further Fresh Start should be your choice!

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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start!

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning offers the best in truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning. We are family owned and operated and veteran led. We utilize steam along with pet and child safe detergents to remove pet odor, pet stains, bacteria, dirt and body oils from your carpet. We specialize in Scotch Guard protector treatments on furniture and carpet. Our process is fast drying usually within 3-5 hours.

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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start!

Cleaner carpet starts with professional truck-mounted carpet cleaning. Fresh Start utilizes steam to deep clean your carpets, removing bacteria, germs and odor. We specialize in pet odor, pet stain removal and Scotch Guard applications. Our deep cleaning fast drying service dries usually within 3-5 hours.

We’ve been in the professional carpet cleaning business for over 20 years. We’re family owned and operated. We offer competitive pricing as low as 99.00! Call about our holiday specials.

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Upholstery Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609)-479-4622

Fresh Start’s professional upholstery cleaning service removes years of embedded dirt, pet odors, pet stains, pet dander, urine, food by products, dust mites and allergens from your upholstery. When we finish our cleaning process your furniture will be soft to the touch and look brand new! Our fast drying process will have your furniture dry within 3-5 hours. We have some of the most competitive prices on the market. Our company is family owned and family operated since 1999.
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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning professionally deep cleans carpet using truck-mounted steam cleaning systems. Each of our trucks has 100 gallons of fresh water, a state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning machine, a waste tank that captures all of the dirt that we extract from your carpet. Our technicians will enter your home and assess the areas to be cleaned and start the prep process.

Step 1: Will be to pre spray and rake all high traffic areas. This process will break up any solid dirt, remove pet hair and open the carpet up so it can receive the 90 degree steam rinse. Once this step is completed we’ll start the steam cleaning process.

Step 2: Is to spray steam mixed with pet and child safe detergents into the carpet this step will emulsify the dirt and remove the dirt into our trucks recovery tank through our high velocity vacuum system.

Step 3: Your carpet should be dry within 3-5 hours. Our deep cleaning fast drying process removes pet hair, pet odors, body oils, germs, urine, dirt and grime from your carpet. We specialize in pet odor, pet stain removal, Scotch Guard applications and pet odor treatments.

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning is family owned and operated. We’ve been in business since 1999. We serve Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Bucks County PA.We can handle any residential and commercial carpet cleaning job.

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Carpet Cleaning-Fresh Start Carpet-(609) 479-4622

Professional truck mounted carpet cleaning should be performed every 6 to 12 months. Bi annual carpet cleaning reduces airborne germs that may cause sickness in the home.

Most homeowners today are pet owners and have one or more furry one in the house. Each animal sheds pet dander and hair into your carpet fibers not to mention the body oil secretions from saliva and skin. Fresh Start specializes in pet odor and pet stain removal from your rugs. After we complete our fast drying steam cleaning process (drying time is usually within 3-5 hours) we can treat for pet odor that will sanitize your carpet leaving it fresh and clean smelling.

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning has been in the business of cleaning carpet professionally for over 20 years. Our staff and technicians are friendly and expertly trained to perform all of our services to your satisfaction. We’re family owned and family operated. I encourage you to do your research and read our reviews on the web.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Fresh Start Carpet-(609)479-4622

Professional hardwood floor cleaning by Fresh Start will bring those dull floors back to life. We deep clean your wood floors with our Dirt Dragon hardwood floor cleaning machine.

Our cleaning process removes deeply embedded dirt, pet hair and wax buildup from your floors. After the cleaning is completed we apply a coat of wax to your floors. Our fast drying process ensures that you will be able to walk on your floors within a few hours. We clean your hardwoods using child and pet safe detergents that are Eco friendly and water based, no hard chemicals.

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