Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

To breathe easier throughout the New Year, while maintaining your carpet investment, here are Fresh Start's Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros. Call (609) 479-4622 Today!

Without regular cleaning, your carpet’s can house dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, grime, and everything else that catches a ride into your home on the bottom of your shoes. To breathe easier throughout the New Year, while maintaining your carpet investment, here are the Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros.

  1. Always blot, never rub! Always dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge; rubbing stains damages carpet fibers. Blotting uses light pressure to soak up stains and be sure to blot from the outside of the stain inward to avoid spreading it.

  1. Club soda works from beer to wine stains. Apply club soda to a clean cloth and blot the spot until gone. If that doesn’t work, mix 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water in a spray bottle, spray it on the stain, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then press a clean sponge onto the area to soak up the solution and stain; repeat as needed. When the stain’s gone, rinse with warm water, and use your hand to brush the carpet strands into their natural direction. Finally, lay white paper towels over the area, and weigh them down with something heavy, like a phone book to absorb the dampness for about a day until the carpet dries.

  1. Shaving cream removes nearly any stain. Apply shaving cream to the stain, let it sit for 30 minutes, blot with a dry white cloth, then spray the area with 1-part vinegar mixed with 1-part water, and wipe the solution and stain away with a cloth.

  1. Ice cubes and gum. Grab ice cubes to freeze the gum for about 30 seconds. When frozen solid, use a spoon to lift it, then cut the carpet strands as close to the gum as possible; cutting a small amount shouldn’t be noticeable.

  1. Dishwashing detergent and grease. Add a drop or 2 of grease-fighting dish detergent to a cup of water in a spray bottle, spray the stain, and blot; repeat as needed.

  1. Heating candle wax away. Place a white cloth over your iron, put the iron on the wax to warm it, then scrape off the wax with a butter knife.  After that, lay a paper towel on the area, and iron it, so the remaining wax can bind to the paper; repeat as needed.  Please note: only iron for 30-second increments to avoid burning the carpet, and only use white cloths or paper towels to avoid color transfer.      

  1. Hydrogen peroxide for blood stains. First, loosen dried blood with water mixed with a mild detergent, and scrape off as much as you can. Apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain – which will immediately foam – dab the hydrogen peroxide with towels to remove the stain and dry the carpet.

  1. Organic pet odor and stain removal. Saturate the pet stain with white vinegar, without leaving it soggy. Generously sprinkle baking soda over the soaked stain, wait for 1 to 2 days for the vinegar to dry, scoop up the remaining baking soda, and vacuum to leave your carpet fresh and clean without scrubbing.

  1. Crushed candy. Scrape with a butter knife, then use a sponge to apply water mixed with a mild soap to remove all the sugar, then blot dry with a cloth or towel.

  1. Invest in 2 steam cleanings a year. Professionally cleaning your carpet keeps it looking fresh and new. Steam cleaning uses a solution under pressure injected deep into the carpet to the backing, that’s then extracted, along with all dirt and debris. The water and steam penetrate carpet fibers, loosening embedded soil, and removing oil and grease deposits.  

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