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Tile and grout can be stained by spills, mud, water, and other elements. Over time, the tile and grout can develop a grimy and discolored look. Taking certain measures, such as cleaning spills when they happen, is imperative. However, just as important is calling a tile & grout cleaning specialist for a thorough inspection and cleaning. Here are a few telltale signs that you can benefit from professional tile and grout cleaning.tile & Grout cleaning

Grime and Stains: Taking preventative care, such as immediately cleaning spills and routinely mopping your tile floor, will do a lot to keep your floor looking presentable. However, even with regular cleaning, mud tracks, snow, rain, juice, food, and a bevy of other substances can add up to create distinct layers of grime and stains that call for professional cleaning.

  • Change in Color: If your tile and grout are in the kitchen, front entrance hallway, living room, bathroom, or any other commonly occupied area, they’re especially prone to grime buildup and staining. The more foot traffic an area experiences, the more likely the color of your tile will change or fade over time. Additionally, in a misguided effort to clean their tile, some homeowners contribute to discoloration by using bleach powder, acid, and improper chemicals.
  • New Calendar: No matter how hard you try to keep your tile and grout clean, it’s impossible to keep it looking its best without professional help. From cleaning and sealing to staining and color restoration, Fresh Start Tile & Grout Cleaning services are a must on a yearly basis. If you’re not already keeping your home sanitized with an annual tile and grout cleaning, you would benefit from doing so.

Call Fresh Start and schedule an appointment to get that tile professionally cleaned and restored to its original state.

Fresh Start is your best source for tile & grout cleaning in Princeton and Princeton Junction, NJ.






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