Carpet Cleaning East Windsor, NJ.

Fresh Start Carpet cleaning is a family-owned, commercial and residential carpet cleaning company.

We offer a next day, pet safe, carpet cleaning service for as little as $99.00. We even have multi-room plans for as little as $175.00.

Fresh Start is your best source for carpet cleaning in East Windsor, NJ.

Carpet Cleaning in Cherry Hill

When you’ve been cleaning carpet, tile & grout and upholstery as long as we have it pays to have the best equipment that money can buy. The Masterblend El Diablo is the machine for the job! The El Diablo gives the operator the right amount of power and heat to complete the most difficult tasks. The ability to dual wand cuts job time in half which cuts overhead down considerably.

Our customers have noticed faster drying times since we began using the Diablo. The Masterblend line of detergents have also been added to our arsenal. I’ve noticed that they have an exceptional pet odor removal product called Odor Encapsulate. This product has done wonders with cat and dog urine.

Our tile and grout cleaning service has picked up considerably due to this new piece of equipment. We’ve been cleaning tile and grout more efficiently due to the intense diesel powered 350 degree heat that the Diablo provides.

Equipment costs in this business are extremely expensive but it’s worth it when you get what you pay for and I feel that I got that with the purchase of this incredible machine.

If you would like us to demonstrate the El Diablo’s incredible cleaning power please call us or schedule a free estimate online. “Give your home the Fresh Start it Deserves”.

Fresh Start Carpet is your best source for: Cherry Hill, NJ.

Carpet Cleaning Cherry Hill NJ

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning is a Cherry Hill area carpet cleaning company specializing in steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery. If you are looking for Carpet Cleaners in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, then look no further than Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning!child laying on carpet

As soil and dirt is worn into your high-traffic carpet areas, it can actually damage the carpet fibers. This causes the carpet to look matted and worn. Once carpet fibers have been crushed and pitted they can actually become magnets for additional soil and dirt. Our system removes deeply ground dirt and debris to extend the life of your carpet and restore the elasticity of the carpet fibers. Other shampoo style machines will leave behind a residue that becomes “sticky” and can actually attract more dirt and grime. Our steam system leaves no residues or shampoos on your carpet because it rinses with pure, fresh water.

Our Carpet Cleaning System Features:

• Allergy Friendly Steam Cleaning
• Pet Safe Detergents
• Zero Chemical Residue
• Truck Mounted Systems
• No Use of your Water or Electricity
• Fast Drying Technology
• 24 Hours Emergency Service
• Next Day Dispatch for Most Jobs

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning East Windsor & West Windsor, NJ


Fresh Start Carpet cleaning is a family-owned, commercial and residential Carpet Cleaning company located in New Jersey.

Fresh Start serves the needs of businesses and homeowners throughout Central NJ. We offer a next day, pet safe, Carpet Cleaning service for as little as $99.00. We even have multi-room plans for as little as $175.00.

If your property is located in Central New Jersey,  you may schedule an appointment using our free estimate form on our website or call us at:

Upholstery Cleaning in Yardley, Pa.

Whether you have a fabric chair, sofa, fabric in an automobile or draperies, cleaning upholstery is a complicated process that requires training regarding the possible pitfalls you might encounter.

When does upholstery need cleaning?

Once dirt shows on upholstery, it is already heavily soiled. Regular vacuuming will remove a great deal of the dirt; just make sure your vacuum filter is not clogged so you can extract the most dirt for your efforts. A dirty vacuum filter will not be as effective and you will expend a lot of effort with minimal results. If necessary replace the filter. If you see visible dirt on your upholstery, vacuuming will not likely remove the dirt. You will need to take the cleaning to the next level.

What to look for before you clean upholstery

These are the pitfalls to watch for when you clean upholstery.  Before you apply any cleaning solutions to your upholstery, evaluate to see if you have any of these warning signs.

  • Color loss from prior cleaning or sun fading.
  • Color bleeding from previous cleaning or spills.
  • Sun rot, which will cause the fabric to rip and tear when it is cleaned.
  • Deterioration of the foam in cushions or any markings that could bleed through from cleaning.
  • Loose trim on furniture edges.
  • Rips, tears or frays, especially on the welting.
  • Odor that may become worse when cleaning solutions are added.
  • Stains from oil, perspiration or other substances that need special treatment.
  • Any structural problems or weak joints in furniture.

Handling special cleaning problems

If your fabric is damaged from sun fading, has sun rot or has rips tears or frays, consider having the piece reupholstered or consider replacing. No amount of cleaning will give you satisfactory results.

If you have loose trim, structural problems or weak joints get these problems repaired before cleaning. You want to wait until the repairs are completed before you clean so the repairs will not result in new dirty areas on the upholstery.

Color bleeding or color loss is common. Many upholstery fabrics are created from various fabric blends that react differently to cleaning. Test your upholstery cleaning solution on a hidden area and allow it to dry so you can see the results. Check the label, synthetics stand up much better to a wet cleaning process while natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk can shrink and bleed when you use a liquid cleaner.

If the cushions unzip, take out the insert and check for any labels that might bleed through during cleaning. Remove the label. If you see a pen mark that was used during the manufacturing process, these ink marks and labels can bleed through during cleaning. Put a piece of sturdy tape over the pen mark, if you cannot remove it completely. A pen mark is something that could suddenly bleed through to the outside of the cushion during or after cleaning.

If you have stains or odor, consult a professional. If your test spot results showed bleeding or color loss also consult a professional and show them your test spot results.

Upholstery cleaning is a complex process that requires special training and the best available cleaning agents. Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning has fully trained professionals who know the pitfalls of upholstery cleaning and can help you get the results you want. If your located in Yardley, Pa you may schedule an appoint via our website.


Military Discount

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning would like to thank you for your service by offering a 15% military discount to all military families living on or off post on any of our services when you spend 200.00 or more.

We’re located in Rancocas NJ, just minutes from Ft. Dix and McGuire Army and Air force bases which now house all military branches including: US.Marine Corps and US. Navy.

As a veteran of the US. Marine Corps I understand the financial and separation hardships that military families are subject to, especially during wartime.

We are approved to conduct business on these military installations. We’ve many repeat customers at Falcon Ct. and Ft. Dix base housing, as well as families living off post. Please review our testimonials on our website and also read our Blogs which have helpful information on carpet maintenance.

For a free estimate click: Free Estimate and we’ll get back to you within the business day. For emergencies or next day service call:


Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia


My name is Art Collins, owner of Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning. I’m a consumer as well as a service provider.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with the way I get treated by large companies! I’m not that old, but old enough to remember when…. when you knew the guy by name that owned the corner store at the end of the block. The times when you could call a business on the phone and get to talk to someone and not a robotic voice! So I’ve decided to write this little blog to let you folks know that some things don’t change!

Have you been looking for a carpet cleaning company that gives you that personalized  service and appreciates your business?

A carpet cleaning company that is family owned and will remember your special requests and do the same quality work at each appointment?

A carpet cleaning company that sends the same screened professional technicians to your home?

A carpet cleaning company that works to gain your trust and guarantees the job will be done correctly the first time?

A carpet cleaning company that has reasonable prices?

A carpet cleaning company that can provide you with multiple cleaning services such as Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning , Power-Washing and  Disaster Cleanup & Remediation ?

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning  is the company you’ve been looking for!  We strive to provide our customers in the Philadelphia area and surrounding Delaware Valley with just such services. We’ve been in the business of satisfying our clients for over 12 years. We do much more for much less than our larger competitors.

We have some of the best customer service reviews in the Philadelphia and surrounding area, so remember, for quality personalized service give yourself the Fresh Start you deserve.

To schedule an appointment by email go to: or call: (609) 505-1624, I’ll be happy to speak with you. We hope to serve you soon!

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Carpet Cleaning and Allergies

Many people have different ideas about allergy relief and carpet cleaning.  You don’t have to remove carpeting from your house in order to obtain relief from allergy symptoms. In fact, carpet acts as a filter. Carpet traps allergens and keeps them form becoming air born.