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Fresh Start Van HeaderFinal3tan_scaledHave your hardwood floors lost their luster? Do they look dull and appear cloudy instead of a clear consistent shine? If the answer is yes you probably have a buildup of residue that accumulates from years of wax and dirt buildup from cleaning products.

Most hardwood floor cleaning detergents leave a slight residue over time. This residue attracts dirt and causes a buildup which in turn causes your hardwood floors finish to appear dull. Fresh Start Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Dustless Re-finishing services can restore your hardwoods back to their original state.

We use a “Dirt Dragon” hardwood floor cleaning machine that is specially designed to clean hardwood floors. The “Dirt Dragon” hardwood floor cleaning machine has specially designed brushes that deep clean the wood and remove embedded dirt from your wood floors. We can apply a water base gloss or matte finish to your floors when the cleaning is complete to give your hardwood floors additional luster.

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