Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Cherry Hill

Have your hardwood floors cleaned by Fresh Start. Our 2 step process will remove all of the built up cleaning residue and wax from your floors and restore their shine leaving them squeaky clean and fresh smelling.

We use a dedicated hardwood floor cleaning machine on your floors that uses a soft brush and Green detergents specifically designed for cleaning all hardwoods, laminates and engineered wood.

Wood flooring is an expensive investment, lack of cleaning, and maintenance will dull your floors over time and ruin the finish. Click this link: Hardwood floor cleaning by Fresh Start to view our cleaning process and equipment. We also offer a dustless refinishing service.

After cleaning we can apply a gloss or matte protective coat to your floor to protect your freshly cleaned floors.

To schedule an appointment click: free estimate or call us at: (609) 505-1624. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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