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We Clean and Repair:
Area Rugs
Wool Rugs
Silk Rugs
Synthetic Rugs
Art Silk Rugs
Handmade Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Persian Rugs
Machine-made Rugs
Rug Repairs
Color Restoration
Pet Urine Removal
Odor Removal

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning has over 20 years experience in fine rug cleaning. After you setup your appointment we will come to your home and inspect your rug and leave you with a receipt and a return promise date.

Your rug or rugs will be carefully loaded in our vehicle and taken to our plant for further inspection. Following our initial inspection our technicians will proceed with the process that we feel best suits your particular rug. Rugs with heavy urine will soak for 24 hours to remove the urine. After this period the cleaning process begins.

When the cleaning process is finished your rugs will be placed in a centrifuge to remove excess water, then hung in a specially heated room to dry. After the drying process is completed your rugs will be professionally groomed, repaired if necessary and Scotch Guard applied if desired.

When the cleaning and or repair process is completed your rugs will be carefully packed in plastic and prepared for delivery. Upon delivery we will un- pack and place your rugs in the desired area of your home.

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