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Professional Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning is a family owned veteran led business. We’ve been in the tile and grout cleaning business for over 24 years. We clean tile utilizing truck-mounted steam. Consistent heat and water pressure cleans deeply embedded dirt from tiles pores and grout lines. Our machines have diesel fired burners that provide consistent heat to our tile cleaning machine which ensures a through cleaning. Hi heat breaks down the dirt and bacteria in the tile and the hi water pressure also assists in removing dirt. Our heavy vacuum system will remove all of the waste water containing the contaminants into our trucks waste tank. Our optical brighteners will bring the color back to your tile and grout.

To properly perform tile and grout cleaning there has to be a certain heat that the technicians equipment must be able to obtain. This type of work cannot be performed with a portable carpet machine or a low grade truck-mount. When hiring a company always ask what type of equipment will they be using to clean your tile and grout. As always, please do your do diligence before choosing a company to clean your tile. Fresh Start is proficient in all types of tile and grout cleaning. Our 5 star reviews can attest to our skill and professionalism.

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